My name is Davide, I have been playing classical piano for years before discovering the amazing world of jazz improvisation.
Now I play jazz, blues, rock, funky and everything I find. This site comes from my genuine willingness to share feelings and passion for something.


I believe that technology and innovation can create new forms of art and music.

I believe that, as art and music lovers, we have endless possibilities to enjoy, share, listen and live these new forms of art.

I believe that, as musicians and artists, we can innovate and create something unique that it has not been done before.

I believe that internet is the right place to break down any geographical barrier, exchange our ideas and enjoy any music and art innovation, no matter where or who comes from.

If you believe in this, then you should stay here.



“Music will make you silent, will make you disappear, will make you almost absent. Only the music will be there, not the musician”


If you need, please contact me at this email address: dwaveonline@gmail.com

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