Do you use YouTube to listen to music? I know you do.

In this case, you must definitely check out this new amazing Chrome Extension that works with YouTube: Zazoo.

Zazoo will enrich your video experience by automatically adding to every music video you’re watching synchronized lyrics, notes, artist bio, discography, concert dates, social feeds, photos, news and much more.

1) Karaoke: with Zazoo you can literally sing along the music video thanks to embedded and synchronized lyrics displayed in real time. Turning YouTube into a Karaoke machine (with 1000’s of singing choices) can definitely change your video music experience (and even your party experience if you want to sing along with your friends!).

2) Artists’ Info: you know, I’m curious. If I like an artist on YouTube, I usually want to know his biography, his history and his discography. So I was usually opening a new window in the browser and looking for him on Google or Wikipedia. Now there’s no need to do this anymore, you have everything right there.

3) Live Concerts: if I like a musician, I usually want to see him live, don’t you? Well, here again, you have all his tour dates right there, conveniently placed next to the video you’re watching.

4) Notes: close to the lyrics I have seen there is a link called “notes”: after one click I got the message “coming soon”. I think this is one of the most amazing feature that makes real the possibility for musician not only to sing the song but also to play it! Really looking forward to seeing this implemented.

All in all, I think this extension is definitely a must for every music lover and I highly recommend it to everyone.

You can try it here: Zazoo Chrome Music Extension

In the end, you realize that an extension is really good when you’re on someone else’s computer and…you miss it, isn’t it?


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