If you are going to Google.com today (well, on which day aren’t you on Google?) you will find something nice to…play.

Yes, because the doodle of today is dedicated to the Moog Synthesizer which is producing a familiar sound that you should have heard in pretty much every form of music since the ’60s, used by artists from Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder until heavy metal rockers (who said Ozzy Osbourne?). Check this out:

It took almost four months and thousands of lines of code to develop this doodle and allow millions of people to play with it all day long (me included!). The Google Moog is infact quite complex: 19 full-functioning knobs, one wheel, a switch and four tracks that let you record up to 30 seconds of overlaid audio. If you feel confused, the Moog website prepared a quick start guide on how to play it (click to enlarge):

And there’s more – that funny looking thing to the right of the Moog is a “Tape Recorder”: if you hit the red button you can record a short section of your masterpiece, then play it back and record up to three tracks. Then you can of course share your masterpiece via link or Google Plus.

So go on Google.com, play the Moog Synthesizer and record you masterpiece…but watch out: you might forget what you were about to search.

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