Tired of arguing about band money? Tired of discussing over who payed what and who owes what to whom after every concert?

Now you have the solution: BandLoot.com (developed by Earmaster.com) is a free web web app  for bands that will help you to properly manage the tons of euros/dollars I hope you’re making with your band.

Let’s see what you can do with BandLoot.com:

a) You have just been paid well after an amazing concert? Share the cash with your bandmates or add it to your band’s loot.

b) You got bills and expenses to cover? Split them with your bandmates or get the band’s loot to cover them.

c) Someone has lent you money? Add a settlement and paid him back to clear your tab.

d) Are you a really good musician required by many bands? Add a new band and keep separated records for each account.

e) Do you want to understand if you are wasting too much money on alcohol and after parties? Check out totals and summaries of your band’s cash flows.

So, if you are spending most of your time arguing with your bandmates about money rather than playing, BandLoot.com is what you need: nice and intuitive interface, smart, easy and something that never hurts when it comes to money: free.

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