Not that I am a fan of Rihanna, but what would you do if you had to cover the song “We Found Love” only with a grand piano? Melodies, bass line, effects, and percussions? Well, a great arrangement, some video editing, two pianists and one grand piano could be enough.

Ruslan Sirota is a Grammy Award winning pianist, keyboardist, composer and producer. He received full tuition scholarship at Berklee College of Music and he’s been touring, performing and recording with major artists such as Marcus Miller and Chick Corea. If you are interested, here is the iTunes link to the last Ruslan album.

Eyal Amir is the keyboardist of the Project  Rnl, already known for their musical innovations (eg. with Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater keyboardist and his SampleWiz music app).

I think this is a great take on a pop tune, interpreted in line with the roots of jazz music: taking melodies everyone knows and through improvisation and creativity develop them into something greater than what they began as. They actually evolved the simple music of this song into a harmonically and melodically adventurous undertaking. Enjoy.

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