Indecision can be awful.

Whether you are deciding on what meal to buy, or what film to watch, there always seems to be too much choice. This is particularly true when it comes to music. I have lost count of the number of times I have been on Spotify and have not been able to think of an artist or song to suit my mood. Just last week, I spent half an hour trying to think of ten synth bands from the 80’s other than Depeche Mode.

Well, thankfully, indecision is now a thing of the past: the Top10 Spotify app stops indecision dead in its (music) tracks.

Top10’s new application for Spotify users is a brilliant new tool that allows music lovers to create their own playlists and then share them through social network platforms such as Facebook. Lists can be compiled easily by typing an artist, year, or keyword into the search box and then dragging a song of your choice to the Top 10 list. Swapping songs or the positions of songs is simple too, so you can play around with the application until you have created your ultimate Top 10 list. You can even listen to the songs as you go.

It is these simple browsing facilities juxtaposed with amazing playlists designed by a plethora of members, makes it easy to see why this tool ranks so high with music listeners.

Only last week, I wanted a list of Top 10 Fleetwood Mac songs to pass the time at home. A group of friends using the service shared with me a few playlists they had created and I spent the day listening to some great tunes and then piecing together my own list. Great stuff.

Overall, this application is amazing and allows you to wave goodbye to indecision, whilst saying hello to social music. Top 10’s innovative Spotify app means indecision is now a thing of the past and discovering new music is what you get in return. Definitely recommended.


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