Do you remember Tonara, creator of the first interactive sheet music iPad app?

Well, now they are announcing  the launch of Scribbles, a new feature designed to make playing even more enjoyable.

Do you remember when you teacher was underlining something (maybe some mistakes?) on your music sheet with a visible red pencil? Or you were adding an annotation not to forget that impossible note?

Well the Tonara app, suited for musicians at every level, now offers the chance to add annotations and symbols to your score, to remind you of fingerings, pedal marks and other useful signs.

The new Scribbles feature includes dozens of symbols that can be added intuitively anywhere you want them: above, below or within the staff lines. They are divided into ten different categories, from instrument specific (annotations for piano or string instruments) to general indications. Scribbles are organized in layers, enabling the user to save different layers in different colors for separate occasions.

For those of you who do not know, the Tonara app was released in September 2011 to great acclaim, from CNN Money (“Startup stars”) through The Guardian (“very clever”) and New York Times (“original”) to WIRED (“this will do to sheet music what Kindle did to hardback books”). With its unique technology, the Tonara app can track the musician playing, follow his place in the score with an interactive cursor and turn the page for him, exactly at the right moment.

The Scribbles feature helps cement Tonara as one of the most progressive, user-friendly sheet music applications, assisting the user in becoming a better musician through technology.

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