The listening, discovery and purchasing decisions of millions of music consumers has moved online: just the fact that you are reading this blog is the proof.

So now the question is: how these consumers and/or music fans interact with eacth other and which is their behaviour online?

Next Big Sound might give you an answer.

Next Big Sound is a music analytics website. Its tagline is “actionable intelligence for the music industry” and it is basically  trying to measure the growth and popularity of bands across the major web properties.

It’s easy: look up a music artist the you like or you are interested in. You will get a nice overview of how many “New Fans”, “Plays”, “Views” or “Comments” his music is getting on “MySpace”, “YouTube”, “Twitter”, “”, etc.etc.

You can even subscribe to any given artist in the NBS database (to get e-mailed alerts with updates) and do comparisons between artists and bands, enabling you to track their online evolution in comparison with others.

Eventually, another cool features is hidden in the tab “Charts”. If you click on it, you will be able to see the 50 most popular artists on the Internet across all the major social music sites and, especially, the 15 fastest accelerating artists across the Internet most likely to become the next big sound.

So now you have no more excuses, you can bet and invest your money in the band that will likely become the Next Big Sound.

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