If you are a musician with no web design skills desperately in need of a website you should feel guilty for your ignorance in coding HTML, CSS or Java Script?

Not at all. You’re a musician, you should spend your nights playing, not coding. That’s why Bandzoogle could come in handy.

Bandzoogle is an effective platform for musicians to build their websites and manage their direct-to-fan marketing and sales.  Musicians can create a professional and fully functional website without having to deal with coding or expensive designers.

As a self-serve website platform, Bandzoogle helps its users/artists in creating, developing and enhancing their online presence and accessibility.

So musicians, don’t feel guilty if you don’t know how to code, but do feel guilty if you don’t have a website.
Especially in 2012.
Especially when it’s so easy to do.
I’m sure, your fans will thank you.

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  • Robert

    I have always used Bandmo (http://www.bandmo.com) for my band with much better results. I find that Bandzoogle is too complicated for nothing. 

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