How many times were you looking for a live concert video in YouTube (or Vimeo) and you ended up watching something with an awful sound quality? Millions of clips of live gigs uploaded and (almost) all basically unusuble (worst, unlistenable).

Maybe not anymore.

Directly from the heart of Dublin’s Silicon Docks (in other words, the Irish Silicon Valley) there is now 45 Sound.

45 Sound is a new service which makes live music videos sound better. It basically replaces the original sound of fans’ video footage (which is usually fairly poor) with a high-quality recording of the exact same part of the concert.

It’s surprising but an ok video with bad sound quality can actually look a lot better when the sound is improved.

The concept of crowdsourcing and fan-made content is definitely inspiring. With 45 Sound music fans will eventually play their own (important) part in telling the story of their favorite band/artist without the fear of losing the most important thing: the sound.

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