If you are an artist operating at serious level, I guess you need a manager or someone who is taking care of the ever-growing list of tasks involved in your day-to-day affairs (gig calendars, finances, industry contacts, event organization, interaction with crazy fans).

Maybe not.

Artist Growth is a sophisticated app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry whose proprietary technology integrates finances, calendars, inventory, contacts, social media and mentoring resources within a single cloud-interface. It’s just been launched (17th January) and already promises to change the music industry.

The aim is to help artists better manage their own careers by monitoring revenue goals, expenses, gigs, events and keeps track of the overall data of their music business.

Presently, a full Artist Growth account runs at $4.99 a month, the platform is compatible with any smart phone, tablet, or computer. More information at the Artist Growth website.

The app will allow musicians to keep track of tour schedules, recording, equipment, finances, equipment inventory and industry contacts, all on the same device you use to play Angry Birds, take photos and call your friends.

Artist Growth has been conceptualized in late 2009 by musicians and entrepreneurs Matt Urmy and Jonathan Sexton. They designed a tool to help artists like themselves to manage their career, to free up their time to focus more on composing a music. Writing a song. Producing art.

A tool to help artists like themselves grow their dreams. And now here it is.

Artist Growth.

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